Firefox resuscitated…

One of my firefox issues seems to have been addressed after I installed the Flashblock extension, which blocks out Flash ads on a web page, and displays an “F” icon instead. The frequency of crashes has noticeably declined after I installed this. Also, as a fringe benefit, it speeds up page loading. I like this extension. I had also installed the Adblock extension, maybe that also has something to do with the reduced crashes. Can’t say which one’s the real contributor, but my guess is I owe my thanks to Flashblock.

The other problem remains though. If the browser remains open for an extended period of time, it seems to eat up a lot of memory, and slows down big time. That’s less of an issue since I have got into the habit of closing it somewhat regularly, but an irritant nevertheless. Hopefully, that will get fixed, sooner rather than later.

I considered switching, but I won’t ever go back to IE, and I guess I am too used to Firefox now to consider any other alternative, better though they may be.

Another extension, which I think is really nifty is WebMarker. I found this via knutties page. Dude, this is really cool. And I find myself using this already. Thanks for this! But do you guys have a next version ready? I have one or two issues with the current one. Particularly, the creation of additional bookmarks, everytime I highlight some text, and bookmark the page/link again. I have a habit of revisiting and re-reading articles. End up highlighting different things at different points in time. So, it’s a bit of a pain when a new bookmark is created every time. Not sure if I explained this clearly, but I hope that made sense!


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  1. Thanks !!

    You have raised an interesting point that we had not thought about. If I understand you correctly, you want bookmarks to be ‘smartly’ accumulated i.e. you want all markings done on a single page to be accumulated in a single bookmark.

    And we are yet to start work on the next version, though we had quite a few ideas in mind. Your post might just be the impetus that we needed. Thanks for posting about it.

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