Rafael Nadal…

…in an interview

Q. Why do you think you didn’t win today? Was it the service or what?
RAFAEL NADAL: Because I lose.

🙂 You should read/hear Nadal’s interviews (in English, i.e.). It’s very funny, some of the stuff he says. Of course, he is Spanish, and doesn’t really speak English fluently. Nevertheless it’s rather fun reading these interviews.

Awesome match earlier today morning between Blake and Federer. I saw the last set and half, totally engrossing. Federer is having quite a few problems closing out matches. I think that’s always been the case with him. Methinks he doesn’t like to serve out a match, and would much rather break the opponent’s serve and win the match. Anyway, he survived, and now he takes on Davydenko. That should be a good one too. Davydenko is one of the cleanest hitters on tour. Reminds me a bit of Kuerten, and Petr Korda. He’s had a breakthrough year, doing very well right through, particularly in the Slams. Roger seems to have his number though, so I guess he should make it through to the finals. The other semi between Roddick and Youzhny should me quite interesting too. Youzhny is playing really really well, to beat Nadal in the quarters was quite something, but Roddick seems to have found a second wind. I saw most of his match with Hewitt. He looked very very solid from the baseline, and moved in to finish the point off whenever he got the opportunity, and that’s rather difficult to do against Hewitt. I guess he should win. Youzhny is due an off-day anyway.

I joined the club, played yesterday and today. Had fun, sweated out 3 kilos hopefully. 🙂


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  1. nadal!

    three kilos in 2 days? that’s optimistic don’t you think? and in which case, rafael nadal would be a as thin as a reed! 🙂

  2. yes, if that was the rate at which people lost weight you could call yourself rafael needle…

    all the best with the flab-loss plan…remember your *weight* as such may or may not come down, but you will be fitter and more toned…your jeans will tell you the right story!

  3. hey arun! will try and come to your office tomorrow if that’s quite allright? i plan on coming to airport rd. ciao.

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