Orkut craziness…

…Someone forwarded me an Orkut invite a week ago, and after mulling over it for a day or two, I decided to check it out.

It’s like an alternative universe out there. I was just trying to randomly check out people and groups, and there’s just all sorts of stuff around there. 864 groups in Bangalore alone. Language centric communities (gujjus, tams, mallus, pure-blood bangaloreans), activity communities (hiking, dating, books), communities (iyers, iyengars), gays, call girls, college alum groups, political communities like Y4E, and hundreds more. Crazy. I don’t understand the idea at all. I mean, it doesn’t seem to be really interactive, people just leaving meaningless scraps, and even the communities are often so arbit. Like people join a community, and that’s that.

In one of our meetings, PR said that he found loads of people on orkut all the time. Now, I am on LJ quite a few times during the day, but Orkut seems so much more meaningless. I tried to see the schools/colleges alumni list to see if I find someone interesting, and I didn’t find anyone I really want to be in touch withr. Even if I did, I suppose, we would exchange a mail or two, and that would be it. This “getting back in touch with old mates” is a kind of overrated concept, methinks. I mean, we moved on, in different directions, that’s why we aren’t in touch. On the other hand,  the idea of making new friends is pretty nifty, to find people with similar interests sounds more fun to me. I suppose, in that sense, the surfeit of groups does help.

Anyway, I think I am out of there in another week or two. Should probably delete the orkut account too, just so, I don’t revisit later. If there’s one thing I am sure of, it is that, unknown to yourself, these things have a way of becoming addictive if you spend too much time on them.


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  1. I agree with the entire post.

  2. Same here. Orkut is a new-age phenomenon that I am SURE I will not “get”. The crappy thing is it’s probably addictive all the same! :-))

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