Google News Archive Search…

This is just awesome. Google’s new service lets one search for news articles over the last 200 years. That must have been one monumental scanning exercise, eh?

I imagine, many of these archives would be on subscription only, or something along those lines. But still, it’s one heck of a resource for historical research.

Today morning, on my Google alerts, I got this article about how Google had helped fix some issues with an old OCR technology that HP had made open source sometime ago. It was apparently the best OCR technology then, but it somehow never made it commercially, for whatever reasons. HP sat on it for many years before finally letting it go open source. Google then got some of their people to work on it, and enhance/fix it.

I wonder if this same technology has been used in this effort.

Via S. Anand


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  1. Its missing the access component

    I like googles new archive search but you still have to pay for many of the articles before you can read them. For people that dont have credit cards or dont want to pay, you can download a netpass from

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