Played tennis today, after over 2 years. Felt good. Amazing thing was I was able to serve quite well. Wondering if I should join the club, and make it a more regular affair. Will help me be up by 6, and unlike gymming, it’s something I enjoy as well. The guys who are regulars there weren’t all that good, so that’s a bit of a downer. Maybe I will ask the coach to hit with me on the weekend, and play with the guys on week days.

Plans, plans, plans 🙂 That 10 kilo target in 6 months is far from materializing, but, at least I haven’t put on more.


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  1. take it up..not to lose weight, but to get enjoyable exercise…the weight loss will happen on its own. In fact, it may not be weight loss but it will be flab loss.

    Way to go, Federer on the Wire!

  2. I just came back from a gym which claims that one can reduce 10kilo’s in 15 days.
    May be you shud try that;)

    Yeah Deponti is right. You may not loose weight, but will loose flab. Adding jogging to that schedule, might help loosing some weight while taking a controlled diet. ( 2 roti’s + once cup rice is you ask my trainer – alcohol and drinks + fruit juice – sweets)

    • 🙂 10 kilos in 15 months, I will even settle for that!! Yeah, I have my dates with jogging, every now and then. Just don’t have the enthu to do it regularly.

      That’s one reason I am looking forward to tennis, as a means to a nobler end!! 🙂

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