Lage Raho, a surgeon, and then some…

Rajkumar Hirani is quite simply the best writer in Bollywood. Arshad Warsi is a comic genius!  A followup to a brilliant movie is a difficult ask in itself, to pull it off so splendidly…what can I say, just  watch Lage Raho Munna bhai.

Just started reading The Surgeon of Crawthorne by Simon Winchester. The book’s about how the original Oxford  English Dictionary was produced, but it appears that is merely the backdrop to the real story – the lives of two men who were largely responsible for putting it all together, Sir James Murray and Dr. W.C. Minor, i.e. the surgeon in the title.

If the first 50 pages are anything to go by, this promises to be a most delightful read.

Had gone to Shankar’s bookshop on Saturday, my first time there. I had parked my car below (it is becoming really painful to find parking in and around Brigade road these days!), which is why I went there. Turned out there was a clearance sale (50% off) on many books, and I ended up burning a small hole in my pocket. Some books I remember, A collection of poems by CP Surendran (i bought the book after reading the first poem, but a few more I read later turned out to be rather disappointing), selected works of Raja Rao, The Witch doctors, which is a book debunking many managament theorists and theories – maybe I won’t buy any more management books after reading this 🙂 ,  The Surgeon of Crawthorne, an RK Narayan book whose title escapes me, a John Updike short story collection (another author I have not read before), a couple of Shobha De’s (!), and a couple of other books that I am unable to recall now.

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  1. dude you have some appetite for reading man … I’m struggling through a very famous book called “The Story of Philosophy” by Will Durant. Methinks this is one of those Stephen Hawking books that lotsa ppl buy and no one reads. It is interesting in parts, but quite honestly the style is too academic and the book is simply not a page turner even to someone like me who digs the philosophy/spirituality area.

    • 🙂 I only buy. Have a huge list of unread books!

      Actually, I have come close to picking up that Will Durant book so many times. Always find it somewhat forbidding after a quick browse through, and drop it! From what you say, I think it will stay unbought! 🙂

  2. ah, bookstore diarrhoea of the exchequer! common complaint…but why you bought Shoba (sorry Shobaaaaa) De is beyond me!

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