Car Pooling…

Koolpool, an interesting experiment in car pooling in Mumbai. Don’t think it’s taken off yet, but seems like a fair bit of thought has been put into it. Would be nice if it works. for more details.

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  1. koolpool

    Amen 🙂

  2. You’ve moved to Bangalore?? I thought u were at Redmond..


    • Sid who? You got the wrong Arun, dude. 🙂

      • oh.. sorry.. You are very similar to that guy anyways…. I still aint able to believe (sure that I used to visit this blog a year before and it was Arun Rajappa’s then !!!)… neways, cheers!!


      • Ganesh, I presume? You must have smoking pot last year :-), but since you say I am similar to him, I forgive you.

      • Incredible, this is, really 🙂 Has this been your blog all the way, or did Arun give it to you halfway through 🙂 Atleast, do you know Arun Rajappa?? Sorry for these questions, but I dont wanna belive I’ve had a bad loss of memory 🙂

      • yes sir, been my blog for 4-5 years now. Rajappa is a classmate from ISB, much too smart to waste time blogging :-), and is still in Redmond, I guess. I thought you were Sid Ganesh, another classmate from ISB. I guess I was wrong.

        We live in a delusional world, perfectly fine to have a few ourselves 🙂

      • :-)…Well, funny… I think I got misled by Sumit Dhar…Now, I know… His was ch3ch2oh.livejournal or something.. I dont remember now… (I’d better admit it, atleast now!!)..

        I am Siddhant, a colleague of Arun Rajappa while he was at MS Hyderabad.

      • Ah, ok. That’s his, alright. He doesn’t post there though.

        Anyways, cheers!

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