PJ brainwave of the day….

Disclaimer: No offence to nobody 🙂

What’s a blood sucking tamil brahmin called?
Ans: A vampiyer 😉


Posted on August 11, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. hee!

    Tamil Brahmin = vegetarian

  2. Thou art pushing the ire of the iyer
    Consequences can be dire
    Don’t play with fire
    When a tam bram turns into a vampire

  3. ah, I thought a Tam bram woman acting up with the men was a Vamp Iyer…but ofkose such a thing cannot be….

    Vampiyer can keep company with Pheno Menon and Big Behn and the 3 Sindhis who fall from the first, second and tenth floors respectively, Thadhani, Kriplani and Murjani…not to mention the rational Bengali, Inn Sen, and the old Malayali relative, Aunty Kutty, and the Chinese orator, On Too Long…

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