Follow up to my “Save As” question

Earlier, I had asked….

…Something I have always wanted to know, an answer would guarantee you a dinner on my account. The question is as follows

“In the Save As  or Open Dialog in MS Word (or other office applications), there are five default locations (in Win XP) displayed in the left panel, namely, “My recent documents”, “My documents”, “Desktop”, “My computer”, “My network places”. I want to know if there is some way I can add any “folders” of my choice in this panel. If so, how?

sriramb and pooja gave me an answer to that one. However, that technique works only with Office applications. And the “Save As” dialog in other apps like acrobat or notepad don’t show up the added folder in the left panel. Also, there isn’t any “Tools” option in that “Save As” dialog.

Any hack for making a non-default folder appear in all “Save As” dialogs? Or is that a bridge too far? 🙂


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  1. it is possible to customize the file save as dialog in windows. It would involve registry mucking, which is a)dangerous and b)can break if microsoft releases a new update or patch

  2. My easy work around is to create a shortcut to the folder I want to really go to in My Documents, and then name it with an underscore at the beginning, so it’ll show up as the first item on My Docs, so it’s 2 clicks instead of one – much better than registry / API mucking around.

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