Raindrops keep falling on my head…in Coorg…

Another holidaying weekend. This time, gallivanting around in the rains at Coorg. Not what I had planned for, but good nevertheless. It rained, and rained and rained, but there really is no sight better for the senses, than a luxuriously verdant landscape. They call Coorg the Scotland of the east, but to me, it was more Kerala than Kerala itself. Even the language is so Malayalam like. I guess, about 60%-70% of the words are Kannada, but the way they speak, the intonation is all Malayalam.

The one thing I missed though was walking/trekking. We did a short 2 km walk on Friday, and all the way, we were more worried about the leeches (I killed about 10 in all, I guess), that any joy that was to be had from two of the most pefectly well-behaved guide dogs you could hope to see, and the vegetation all around, was lost. The best time to visit, I guess, is late October or so, when the rains have died but the land is still as green as it can get. Maybe, we will head there again, around about then.

Probably, the first time, I have followed up one holiday weekend with another.

A microcosm of our Coorg experience.


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  1. the photo is simply mindblowing…..
    did you drive all the way there?
    looks like marriage has done you a lot of good… at least got you travelling to places nicer than meerut!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, man! 🙂

      No, didn’t drive. Took a bus. Kind of last minuted, just decided on Thursday afternoon, and was off at night. Roads aren’t all that great in coorg, and it was raining too much, so I am glad I didn’t drive. I hired a cab once I was there to go around, though. That car in the pic was just parked on the road.

  2. but to me, it was more Kerala than Kerala itself.

    Hmm I object strongly Arun! 🙂
    Visited Coorg last year and I honestly think Munnar in Kerala is prettier. And I think the vegetation varies between Kerala and Coorg – the former has lush paddy fields and miles of coconut trees while Coorg is largely forest area – or at least that was the case with the area surrounding Orange County.

    And yes, the roads to Coorg are awful! 🙂

    • Well, not quite. I don’t know how it is at Madikeri (where I guess, Orange County is), but I stayed in Kakkabe (Honey Valley estate). And the vegetation varies a lot there. Down below there were acres upon acres of paddy fields, and as you go uphill, it changes to a mix of pepper & coffee. Not just forest area. Also, since it’s the monsoons, it was just incredibly green all around.

      As beautiful as Kerala is, I haven’t seen a place in Kerala where paddy, plantation, and the wild all mix together so beautifully, as it did in Coorg. But then, I haven’t been to Munnar…And I haven’t been to Kerala in the monsoon. 🙂

      • but I stayed in Kakkabe (Honey Valley estate). And the vegetation varies a lot there.

        Ah ok, that probably explains things 🙂
        And do try and visit Munnar – it’s very pretty and romantic.

  3. lovely pic b on the w! soft and misty and inviting…

  4. Dude the photos are amazing….
    B.w coorgis dont speak kannada..they speak kodava..doesnt have a script.
    Think its a mixture of kannada, malayalam and tamil…i guess 🙂

    – Sunil B

    • Thanks, dude. Yeah, I know they speak kodava. And that they use kannada as the script, though they dont’ have a script of their own. It’s just that I was quite struck by how much it sounded like Malayalam though the language is a mix of kannada, mal and a little bit of tamil. I guess, they must have orginally come from Kerala. The legend of their God Igguthappa says as much. (refer outlook traveller guide :-))

  5. Lovely pic.. It’s been so long since I was in Coorg, hope the state of the roads has helped it retained its laid-back charm..

  6. Hi,
    Ever been to Bylakuppe?? Heard its great with a lot of Tibetan influence… How long is it from Blore?? And how about hte stay and stuff?? Good resorts around?


    • yes, had gone there. Worth a visit. The monastery is quite good. About 5 hrs from bangalore (Bylakulppe is 4 kms from kushal nagar). Don’t know about staying options there. It’s convenient to club a trip there with a visit to Coorg. You could stay in Coorg and check out Bylakulppe on the way.

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