A simple question…

…Something I have always wanted to know, an answer would guarantee you a dinner on my account. The question is as follows

“In the Save As  or Open Dialog in MS Word (or other office applications), there are five default locations (in Win XP) displayed in the left panel, namely, “My recent documents”, “My documents”, “Desktop”, “My computer”, “My network places”. I want to know if there is some way I can add any “folders” of my choice in this panel. If so, how?



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  1. If you look at the “tools” menu in the file->save as dialog, there’s an option called “add to My Places”. Select file->save as, navigate to the folder you want to add, click on tols->add to my places, and you’re done.

    Now, about dinner….

  2. For Microsoft applications like word when you choose a folder using “save in” (when trying to do Save As) from the drop down list there is a tab called “Tools” which appears next to “views”, “Tools” has an option of “Add to My Places” thats what you want.

    Works with Office 2003 and above. I don’t know if you need an update in case you don’t see the tools tab in your “save as” dialog box.

  3. looks like u have a lot of time to ponder these optimizations 🙂

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