Ethnic day….

…in office today. In our group, actually. Was wondering what to wear, not that there is much to choose from. Decided on a kurtha and veshti. I think this is the first time I have ever been to work in a veshti. Very comfortable, really. I would probably not mind it, on a more regular basis. Maybe, every friday should be ethnic day.

Yesterday night, A & I went to visit a friend, who just had a baby. First time I have ever seen a 3 day old baby. So fragile. I was afraid of even removing the gauze to touch her. The parents named her Aditi. A very nice name, that.

It’s Friday, am so not in the mood for work, not that I have anything to do anyway. Discovered something astonishing about how invoices are matched with POs, out here, yesterday. A joke, really. A had to give a lecture in the assembly today on some topic, to the kids. She decided to talk about the importance of reading or something like it. Nice idea, the kids must have enjoyed a hearty laugh.

Anyway, nothing much to say. So, I shall shut up now.


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  1. Since you are a tam, I can share this with you..what is the Japanese word for veshti? “Nikimo nikado”! (hope your veshti stayed on!)

  2. are you kidding me … what what were you thinking … need I enumerate the risks of wearing a veshti?

    somehow, i’ve never had the nerve to participate in any of these ethnic days, etc…. just dont get the idea. …. and moreover, Im really comfortable in pants and t-shirts, so no particular reason to experiment

    • πŸ™‚ So far, so good. Quite a few people have turned up in veshti, actually. I have only done this once before in college, but I quite like the idea. It’s nice to see people in something different, for a change.

      • seriously …. you and your veshti clubmates should watch out for strong winds … not to mention a few other things

  3. First time I have ever seen a 3 day old baby. So fragile. I was afraid of even removing the gauze to touch her.

    Yeah! I have had that feeling everytime I visited a relative/friend who had a baby… Man! You are too scared to touch the baby in the fear that you may *break* something. “Ooops! There goes a finger!!” Yeeeoow!


  4. What’s a veshti?

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