Re: Chance discoveries

I don’t drink. Ergo, I am not much of a hard rock/heavy metal fan. If you wonder what is the link, well, I haven’t seen anything contrary so far. However, I do have my “Smoke on the Water” moments, however far and few between, they may be. Usually, I don’t even realize I am having one till I am already in the middle of it.

Like this Monday evening, while driving back home. Of late, which is the last couple of months, I have been revisiting my old CDs, mp3s I had ripped somewhere between 2000-2002. Was listening to one such CD, a compilation of assorted english and indi pop hits. It’s one of those CDs that I cannot classify or label, because it’s pretty much a pot-pourri of everything. I was listening to Loreena Mckennitt, when that folder finished, and the next thing I know, this Ozzy Osbourne number “Perry Mason” started playing. Now, I don’t even know a single Ozzy Osbourne song. I saw one of his videos once, which was revolting enough, that I never listened to him again. So, I have no idea how I ended up burning this particular song on the CD.

But boy, am I glad, I did! I played it once, and I was literally jumping on my seat, head banging in a traffic jam. Replayed it, repeat actions. Would have played it once more, but usual caution kicked in, and I moved on. Next on the list, a much more mellow Desert Rain by Indian ocean. Thought it would be a huge letdown after listening to a raving Ozzy, surprsingly, it turned out otherwise. I enjoyed it just as much, and by the time I got home, I had run through another 3-4 Indian ocean numbers, and was calm and sane.

For about 12 minutes or so though, I had been seriously trippy, after a long time.

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  1. how nice to see a post like this! carry on, doctor!

  2. That’s the second time you’ve used the word trippy.

  3. Dude…cant imagine you head banging… very funny.

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