Re: Traffic woes…

That stupid Airport road flyover has become a royal pain in the butt. I dont’ know why it got built in the first place. Thanks to the flyover, now all the traffic from Indira Nagar to Ring road flows smoothly till……it reaches a grinding halt just before the U-turn near Millenium motors on the Ring Road (near Dell). In effect, they moved the bottleneck to Ring Road now.  So all those vehicles traveling from the other side that have to take the U to go to Dell/IBM/HP/Microsoft etc pile up in one interminable queue. Today I was stuck at the rear end of the queue, and it took me 25 minutes to take the U. I noticed this last week, and I thought it was just teething problems, but I guess, this problem ain’t going anywhere. I don’t know how they are going to solve this.

In effect, I am screwed.

Also learnt my lesson today – Never to take the right lane on that road after crossing the E.G pura junction. On one hand, are the morons who will drive their cars super slowly and not get out the way, and if not them, stinking autos who think they are a Ferrari on three wheels who will respond by belching smoke and revving their motors to Maria Sharapova levels if you so much as dare to horn, and if not both, the occasional 2 wheeler who thinks the right side of the road is the right side of the road. On the other hand, every single moron will keep you squeezed to the right, and move ahead by the time you reach the U turn.

One of these days, I am going to write a paper on how to choose the lanes to drive on in Bangalore. It’s an art form really – knowing where to switch lanes, knowing where the “bus stops” are, so that you don’t get stuck behind a bus, knowing where there is a right or a left, so that you don’t get stuck behind vehicles turning, there is a lot more to it actually. And to do this without pissing off the passing vehicles, now, that is the greatest art of all.


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  1. πŸ™‚ this reminds me of a friend telling us about a traffic police guy stationed in the middle of a certain flyover in Bangalore. Apparently a design error . . .

  2. hey, botw! loved your post, kept reading and thinking, “yes, yes, yes”, esp to the last paragraph. Do not forget to mention, while writing, how everyone in Bangalore expects that everyone else will automatically know where places are…there are almost no signposts, except for the odd one at the beginning of the airport road which might announce, “Koramangala”!

    I hate these badly-designed horrors which seem to be built only to make our lives hell while they are being built..and after, too….

  3. Indira nagar fly over

    I dont’ know why it got built in the first place.
    They suspended the constuction of that flyover for a while because some civil engineer had pointed out the possible traffic problems. I don’t know what happened later πŸ™‚ Having lived in indira nagar for 5 years I consider the decision of constructing that flyover was the worst one.

    • Re: Indira nagar fly over

      i thought they suspended it because they got into some financial wrangling with the contractor…

      But yeah, I hope you are not right… πŸ™‚ Bad enough mess as it is, i was hoping it will be a bit better after the flyover’s done…

  4. driving in bangalore is special. so many maniacs on the rd. i feel liberated. BANGALORE DESERVES MEEEEEEEEEEEE! watch out. do you take a cab/ drive yourself? in case it is the latter, you might want to use the challanghatta road to bye-pass the airport road up to the windtunnel road. this road is now tarred and a proper road unlike the dirt track it was before. the pileup close to dell is on account of the only U turn allowed (when driving from kormanagala) that allows you to access the embassy golf link park.

    • Drive myself. I take the road you mention, everyday. Never knew it actually had a name!!! Challanghatta eh? Interesting. Yeah, and I have to take the U turn, that’s my problem!!!

  5. Not to mention, the half length speed bumps on Mysore road that only block the left-most lanes. I have to ride on the right edge of the road even though I’m going to take a left turn after those bumps, because that is the fastest way to do it.

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