Rajdeep Sardesai is pretty much the pits. Can’t believe I actually liked the guy once.


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  1. Why do you say that??

  2. eeeps, whatever happened? i was rather crestfallen when he moved away from ndtv, my news channel.

    • well, maybe it’s just as well he moved away from ndtv. I think, ndtv is still reasonably sober with their reporting, though they were pretty awful too with their coverage of the Satyanarayana murder.

  3. oh, I didn’t see that…thank God, how gruesome! When NDTV did an ad featuring the various victims of natural disasters claiming they were there first with the news, I made as much of a fuss as I could….those were PEOPLE they were showing, first, and “news” later…news channels tend to forget that. Have you seen the movie “Network”? A talk show host decides to commit suicide because he is fed up with the way human values are lost in the craze for ratings…and since this announcement cause a furore and the show becomes a big draw, the sponsors get in on the act, to bump up the ratings….

  4. as for the likes of rajdeep sardesai, its not really new … ive stopped watching the news on tv … they shud just rename “news” to “bad news”.

    i dont know where we are headed … tsunamis, wars, terrorist attacks, floods,

    “…. either there is a civil strife in heaven,
    Or else the World, too saucy with the Gods
    Incenses them to send destruction…”

    • We are very “resilient” though, I am told!!

      • spot on … another spin on the whole inevitability thing.
        ive heard several folks dish out the inevitability thing on tv … once, even even ravi shastri – the former strokeless wonder, now pseudo expert commentator who spends more time getting rejected by white girls in engligh pubs than anything else ….

        lots of ppl dont realise that ppl in mumbai only go to work in large numbers because honestly, most of them have a hand to mouth existence on a daily basis!!! Sad but true. As for the government… well its at times like these that I believe we should simply outsource our administration to a different country!!! Pay them some kind of annual fee or something!!!!

      • of course .. above, I mean “resilience” in place of “inevitable”

      • we should simply outsource our administration to a different country!!! Pay them some kind of annual fee or something!!!!

        Kind of what we did with the East India company. Didn’t get us anywhere, I am afraid 😉

      • 🙂 maybe this time we can have an annual appraisal or something 🙂

      • Do we have an option there??

      • I suppose not, though in some ways, we always do 🙂

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