Movie week

3 movies last week. MI-3, Omen and Crash. Don’t even remember when I last saw 3 English movies in the space of one week, though I did once see 3 in 7 odd hours, and 4 in one day. Those would be Rocky 1-4. All 3, I mean the ones I saw this week, were entertaining, but Crash was the best of all. Great performances all around and sparkling dialogues, though I am not certain it merited all those oscars. A touch lacking in real depth, methinks. I think the best movies should affect you a little more deeply. This one flitted around a bit much to leave a real impact.

As for Omen, for once I sat through a horrow movie. Probably the first one I have seen since The Ring. My last aborted attempt had been Thirteen ghosts, and on that occasion, I had lasted 20 odd minutes before I walked out. Actually Omen was hardly terrifying, twice it made me stifle a cry, and the third time I cried out when quite unexpectedly, the guy’s head rolled off his neck. MI-3 was the usual. “Leave your brains behind” Govinda fare, with far more spectacular action, and much more entertaining. Pretty lousy soundtrack by MI standards though. Would have loved to hear the MI theme music a few more times during the movie, which was not to be.

And that’s that. I have some work to do on Compliance now.

//update: Oh yeah, I also saw one other movie. Harry Potter and the Goblets of Fire. Was surprised to find the original VCD in the rental library near my place. Asked the fellow, “how come you have it?”, and he replies “Hamaara upar tak pahunch hai”.

And the movie, well, to use a phrase I come across ever so often, it was distinctly average, whatever that means. The books are just so much better, though Book 5 was terrible. Wonder how bad the movie version of that would be.

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