Picasa Web Albums

I have been putting Picasa Web Albums to good use. 250 MB of free space is a decent amount, so I guess, it will last me a few months at least. Apparently, there are some security issues, so that’s a bit of a bother. Not even close to Flickr in terms of tagging, photo resizing, and general interface feel, but what I like about it (besides the higher free storage capacity) is this feature of “unlisted albums”. Since I share my photos with folks who aren’t really living their life on the net (i.e. don’t have flickr accounts, don’t upload photos etc), this features helps me share the URL with them, without their having to create unnecessary user accounts. Making the photos “public” (as in Flickr) means all my snaps are up for public viewing. But the “unlisted albums” feature in PicasaWeb helps in keeping the URL hidden from general public view. So, while the photos aren’t quite private, they are at least reasonably less public.


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  1. thanks for posting this. Have signed up and hope to be able to use it soon.

  2. Thanks for informing. I use picasa to upload photographs on flickr with email.

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