A good Saturday.

Beautiful Saturday, actually. The weather was just awesome, and with my MIL leaving on Sunday evening, we decided to head out, late in the morning. The plan was to visit the AOL ashram in Kanakapura, and then head off in the opposite direction to Nandi Hills subsequently. By the time we reached the ashram, it was close to 1 PM. With a wonderful breeze blowing, and the sun completely absent, it was just the time for walking around the place, taking in the sights and smells of vegetational solitude. Some educational conference was going to start in a day or two, so there were a few people around, but not too many. Last time I had been there, didn’t wander much off the beaten path, but this time I hit on a few lush green trails within the campus that I hadn’t seen the last time. Took a few snaps, and spotted a few birds that I hadn’t noticed much before. One, I guess (given its size), was the hummingbird, the other a long-tailed, sparrow-sized bird (or maybe a bit bigger), none of us could place. The male was brown, and the female black, or vice versa. These days, I seem to have become more observant of my surroundings when I am outdoors, particularly a little more observant of birds. I guess, that can largely be attributed to the gorgeous snaps that yathin and kalyan keep putting up. Something to be glad about, given how absent-minded I usually am.

We ended up being there for longer than we thought, three hours or so, which pretty much put paid to the Nandi Hills plans. The weather gods were still in a glorious mood, so I didn’t feel like going home, and decided to drive further down Kanakpura road, as long as the mood stayed, maybe even head towards Bheemeshwari. I guess must have driven another 15-20 kms, passing a few very pretty and unpsoilt lakes along the way, when I suddenly spotted a nursery (the plant variety) to the right. Decided to stop there for a bit, and check out the plants, maybe even get a few. As it turned out, the nursery was rather delightful too, and while there weren’t too many of the flowered varieties around, there were a few others that looked like they would add character and happiness to the little garden that A & I (with more than a little help from respective moms) are making in our balcony. They were selling it pretty cheap too, or so we thought, and we ended up getting a few plants for us, and for my MIL to take back to Delhi. When we were done and dusted at the nursery having watched A go ga ga over ugly millipedes, and having stolen a few beautiful pebbles that caught my eye, it was well past five, and we decided to head home. Another nice long 30 minute drive, till we reached Metro, and then it was time again to roll up the car windows, to avoid the not so glorious city air.

A mighty fine day.


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    • Oh, thanks! Never knew hummingbirds weren’t found in India!

      Difficult to say if these are what we spotted. It was a little distance away, and since it was so small, couldn’t really make out the exact colour. But it seemed kind of brownish. The second pic looks very different from what I saw though.

  1. Yep! sounds like a mighty fine day 🙂

    • 🙂 Yeps, quite so! Hope your weekend was good too!

      • It was good mosly. I designed emerald earrings and got them made from the jeweller, ate chinese and plum cake, went book shopping and bought some dennis the menace comics, also bought a guide to childrens’ book illustrators for really cheap, drew a bit, studied a bit, went for two long walks and watched ‘a fish called wanda’.

        Yep – it was good 🙂

      • Sweet!! Wanda is rather funny, the original Govinda movie!

        Guide to Childrens’ book illustrators? Something cooking???? 🙂

  2. sure sounds like you had a nice saturday. that A has good taste. i find creepy-crawlies fascinating too 🙂

  3. lovely to read….hope you have many more weekends like this!

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