Education vouchers

I wonder if a privately funded education voucher program could work well in India? Particularly for primary & secondary education.

A primer on Education Vouchers

I don’t imagine a govt funded education voucher system would work here, but I would think a privately funded voucher program has better prospects to succeed. In the US for instance, I discovered today, that there is an organization called the “Children’s scholarship Fund”, which runs a privately funded voucher program for kids from low income families. Are there any similar programs out here, maybe on a smaller scale?

Also, I suppose, out here, there is a paucity of good schools in the first place, though I get the feeling that things are improving on that front.

Any opinions, folks?

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  1. I think its good teachers that make a difference rather than good schools. Thanks to the IT revolution, an average college has a lot of trouble getting good lecturers(forget professors) too.

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  3. You’re right when you say we dotn have enough good schools in the firstplace. Atleast 85% of the kids In India go to Govt.schools – and you know the state there.

    Chk for more details.

    If you want to pitch in to help Govt.schools , chk out – – I volunteer with this organzation .

    • Yes, you are right. It’s a pity our govt schools are run so badly. That’s why the thought about the voucher system.

      Yes, have checked out the Azim Premji site, they are doing some real good work, and I hope with good success too.

      DSF looks very interesting. Haven’t really thought of getting involved, though I may, if the desire persists. For now, this is just an idea I found interesting and workable. Nice of you to find the time to get involved in something you seem to believe in quite strongly.

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