Laptop purchase confusion…

Compaq Presario M2254AU + Carry Case : AMD TURION 64 ML32 @ 1.8 GHz / ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Chipset / 512 MB DDR SDRAM / 60GB HDD Ultra DMA / 8X Double Layer DVD +R/+RW Writer / 15″ XGA TFT Display with BrightView Screen Technology / ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M PCI Express Graphics / Up to 64 MB Shared Memory / Altec Lansing Stereo Speakers / 6-in-1 Digital Media Reader / 56K Modem / NIC / Integrated Wireless LAN 802.11b/g / Integrated Bluetooth / LiIon Battery / TouchPad / S-Video TV Out / IEEE 1394 / 3 USB 2.0 / Win XP Home/Weight 3 kgs

Is this a good buy at Rs 41,000?

This is for my dad’s use, which for all practical purposes is limited to MS Office applications, and a photo organizer like Picasa. No games, so Graphics mostly irrelevant.

Also, any opinions on the Brightview Screen technology. I saw the screen, and I am not sure I like it much. For someone who will use it 4 hrs a day, is this screen ok?

Any words of wisdom most welcome. Aside, does anyone know what’s the cost of the home edition of Office XP?


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  1. If he really is mobile much, and needs a laptop, ignore me.
    If not, and you assumed the need for a laptop, I’d recommend a desktop for the following reasons:
    1. Most people find the keys on them laptops pesky (too close for comfort). Esp. older people. Desktops have a real mouse, a real keyboard, and real speakers.
    2. For the same price, you’ll get a solid desktop. Alternatively, you can keep the same specs as the laptop (slower CPU etc;) and spend the dough on a better (larger) screen.
    3. Laptops burn away your crotch-property, i.e., what’s left after the cell phone has done it’s work.

  2. Sorry, one more : you can use hot water to clean your computer keyboard.
    You know all those pesky bits of chips and biscuits between the keys? kill -9.
    I’m serious. It’ll be fine after the water dries up.

    • Dude! Already have a desktop. Am replacing his old laptop which is like a 64 MB RAM piece. Primarily wondering about the merits of the AMD Turion chip vis a vis celeron/pentium-m. Any ideas on that?

      • First time I have seen kill -9 in god knows how many years!! šŸ™‚

        Must tell you this – In a sudden stroke of enthu, about a month ago, I downloaded Ruby on Rails. Had problems getting it to install and run due to firewall issues, I downloaded the configuration script HP uses, checked out the proxy used in india, and set some parameters in the Ruby batch file or something like it, and voila, managed to get it installed and running!!

        Call me childish, but heck, mighty pleased I was. šŸ™‚

        Of course, I only played with Rails for 2-3 days, and after that I was back to ppts and excel files šŸ™‚

      • a ha!! What fun it must’ve been tink-tink-tinkering!


      • If the primary concern is battery life (travels frequently, limited access to power supply) you are better off with pentium-m or turion MT (not turion ML, MT is low power dissipation and ML is high power dissipation) with turion giving you more bang for buck. On the other hand, if battery life isn’t much of an issue, you can go with turion ML.

      • Thanks Anon! I guess if ML is better than Celeron, will just go for it. Battery life is not that much of an issue.

      • Hi

        Could someone tell me the range of weights for laptops (price range 40K to 50 K) ?
        ML weighs 3Kgs?

      • ML weighed around 2.5-2.7 kilos.

      • Sorry mate, nothing useful to add (didn’t even know that there was a chip called the Turion!)

  3. Check Acer laptops. They are cheap, worl well and have good service.

    • Thanks Suman. Actually, I get a special discount on this, so I think I am going for this anyway. Was primarily worried about the AMD chip, but looks like that’s ok.

      • AFAIK you will get a decent Acer laptop in 30k. So you have to atleast get 25% discount to make up for the difference. So i suggest you atleast enquire about them if you haven’t thought about it.

        Do post your analysis in a post so that its helpful for others šŸ™‚

      • thats a cool laptop

        where do you live..I find that the prices online are 47k..if you can get it for 41k its really good..where wil you buy it..I want to buy the same thing..thats why…

      • Re: thats a cool laptop

        sorry forgot my eml id is…you in mumbai?

      • Re: thats a cool laptop

        Oh, I work at HP. That’s why the discount. Market prices is around 46-47k like you say.

      • Re: thats a cool laptop

        So you are working and staying in bangalore!! from bangalore too.
        Doing a summer project at iit bombay.
        Me studying in IIT kharagpur..
        now, if you have bought that specific laptop for your dad, thats fine…but if you haven’t then I could get that lappy through you…only if you help me though..I won’t be staying too long in bangalore this summer..9 days.from 6th to 16th july..
        please give me your eml id..if you don’t mind my availing the discount šŸ™‚ atleast reply your response..asap bye..

      • Re: thats a cool laptop

        I bought it, yes. The scheme is only for family, so I am afraid I may not be able to help you with this. Sorry about that. If you have some relative in HP, you could probably ask them.

      • Re: thats a cool laptop

        man..thanks anyway..
        but isn’t it possible that atleast one of your colleague could help me if he’s not buying one…even if i am not his/her relative..

  4. Is the keyboard colour white/silver(some thing that resembles Nestle Milky Bar ;)?

    Local HP shops did not have it so I could not see one.

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