This and that…yeah, weekend again…

Attended Ustad Amjad Ali Khan’s Sarod performance on Saturday at Fort High school ground. Quite brilliant, A says. I don’t know, ‘cos, though it was my idea, I enjoyed it the least. For some reason, was rather distracted for about 70% of the programme. Was just about beginning to enjoy it, when it finished. Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan, the Ustad’s sons, also performed in the latter half of the programme. That part was quite excellent. Sandeep Das on the tabla was quite brilliant. I had heard him once before (if I remember right) in the Vasant Habba a couple of years ago, and he had been very impressive then too.

I thought the ground would be packed, but more than half the seats were not taken. Quite sad, that. I guess, if the performance had been in one of the regular halls, Ambedkar Bhavan, say, the turnout would have been much better.

Aside, some parts of Bangalore are still very beautiful and appear to be relatively less commercialized. Basavanagudi, for e.g. It’s an area I had been to only once or twice before, but I was quite struck by how clean and green it still is, when I drove by the place, on the way to the concert.

The home’s beginning to take shape now. The book shelves filling out gradually, World Space up and running, though I need to get a woofer and speakers, before I run out of the 3 month free subscription. I guess, I will subscribe anyway. And the Bean Bags, love them so. Love the foot rests even more. I thought it would be quite useless when it came free with the bean bags, but it’s been turning out to be a multi-purpose delight. Foot rest, butt rest, plate rest, football, so on and so forth.


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  1. aaaah, the pleasures of domesticity- setting up house.
    such fun, playing ghar-ghar.
    btw, what distracted you during the sarod recital?

  2. Did they perform a jugulbandi as well?
    That was the highlight of the recital that I had attended years ago.

  3. ahhh, what a cozy corner that sounds like : Worldspace, bookshelf, beanbags. May you have many a moment of epiphany there.

    Love the foot rests even more.
    Ah, I see…So this is what separates the truly content from the somewhat relaxed eh?

    • Cozy corners, actually. πŸ™‚ Thank you! To have a moment of epiphany, I need to start waking early, I figure.

      Truly content? Lol, nothing so fancy!! Happier, yes. πŸ™‚

  4. Its nice the way you referred to the house as ‘home’ :-).

    All the best!

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