White rabbit…

A white rabbit lives on the terrace of my apartment. How cool is that. Now, if a pigeon would drop by and settle down too, that would be almost perfect.

Played tennis ball cricket on Saturdary night (after 3+ years) in some godforsaken mosquito riddled place in HSR layout. Could only bat one ball(the last ball of the inning), but kept wickets. And that was a darn good workout. Engrossing match that ended in a tie. Speaking of workouts, have started using the office gym in the evenings these days. Nothing heavy duty, just the treadmill, but it’s been rather refreshing. God knows how long I will keep at it, but I guess if I have to get back to 70, I better keep at it.

There are some curious phrases like “white rabbit”, “black swan” which mean something less obvious. How many more do you know?


Posted on April 24, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Red Rose…hehehe

    If a pigeon drops by, he will stay for good. If you have pigeons living in your house, you will know why they have the phrase – bird-brained!

    All they do is mate, lay, crap, fly…mate, lay, crap, fly!

  2. “follow the white rabbit” … Trinity to Neo in Matrix-I

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