Firefox troubles

The damn thing crashes far too many times (on XP) these days. The latest update seems to have made it even worse. Particularly on cricinfo. I wonder if it is a java applet problem. Whatever it is, I hope it’s fixed soon.

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  1. switch to IE

    There is a *clear* performance different between IE and Firefox on Windows. I don’t care if it’s because IE is more or less a part of the OS, etc; etc;, but if open-source-wankers want to get the rest of the 90% browser market’s attention, they better make a more faster browser than Firefat the famous.

    Any open-source-wanker who dares reply with ideological bullshit better have a good explanation with why he/she did not improve firefox yet instead of talking high falutin bakwas.

    • Re: switch to IE

      hmm..don’t quite agree. But for the recent spate of crashes, am quite happy with Firefox’s performance. Maybe IE is better, but I will live with Firefox so long as this issue gets fixed. Waise, probably Opera is even faster than IE. And there are many other useful features about Firefox.

      Sorry, not getting into an open source debate 🙂

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