Two books…

One of these days, my right brain is going to rot and fall off.

Well, that apart….

Takes me 1.5 hrs to commute to work these days. So far, I have had the luxury of going in chauffeur driven car (my dad was out of town for a week), and that meant I was able to use the time well. Finished two books in 2 weeks. “Blink” was one, and the other “The curious incident of the dog in the night time”. The latter was better, much better actually. Different genres of course, still, it’s not all that difficult to compare. There’s only one real benchmark for a good book. How much satisfaction did it give you?

Blink is typical Malcom Gladwell fare. Darn good storytelling. But unlike his earlier book, “Tipping point”, there’s nothing much you can take away from this one. The insights you gain are the sort of insights that don’t really mean much. I am glad I bought it on MG Road. Recommendation: Worth a read, for trivia/curiosity value. Chances are you will drop it quarterway, if you have better things to do.

“The curious incident…” is a curious book. Excellent storytelling again. Not much of a story, but since the book’s so different from the usual fare, that’s alright. At times, you almost feel you know, I mean, you really really know, how it must be to be an autist. The other clever thing is how Mark Haddon makes the book meatier by filling it with irrelevant facts & details that actually add to the story. Recommendation: Must read. Let me say this. After I finished it, I have been doing logic puzzles for two days.

Right now, I need to attend a coffee talk. So, I shall get going.


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  1. What the hell is a ‘Coffee talk’?

    • Oh, it’s nothing. Just a meeting where the senior mgmt updates on stuff that’s happening and then we all have coffee, pastries etc etc. It’s officially called a “Coffee talk”.

  2. “The curious incident…” is a curious book
    Yup, it was just that: a curious sort of a book!

    • Yeah, rather weird. I thought it would be much more mysterious initially, but then….And there were so many F words in the book, I don’t understand why it won a children’s book prize of all things!

  3. I loved “The curious incident of the dog in the night time”… I have had the opportunity to interact with some people who suffer from autism, and the book encapsulates very succintly the difficulties and hardships faced by them in doing things we consider “basic”.

    • Yes, though I haven’t interacted with autistic people, it did feel like a very honest account. I am sure you must have related to it far more than I did.

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