On Fathers…

So, my cousin P, mother of two, sent me this short write up. I thought it was rather sweet. Reproducing it to cheer up all you fathers, in case life’s being a bit of a bitch. 🙂

A sojourn with fatherhood (with due regard to all the mothers!!!)
……..A trip to Khanvel

Someone once said, ”God couldn’t be everywhere and so he made mothers.” But then, probably He realized that mothers couldn’t be everywhere too, and He invested a caring heart in the Father.

But what do fathers have to do with an official picnic?


The metrosexual man is no longer a myth. He exists very close by, among the Transworldians. Every male employee who was accompanied by his child or children was playing father to the hilt. All of them were spending quality time with their children.

“Boys will be boys – uncaring and careless” no longer holds true for this generation of fathers in Transworld. For two and a half days I have seen different fathers pamper their children in their own unique and caring ways. If there was someone dancing with gay abandon with his children, there was another one trying to cajole the little one to just consume a few morsels of food. Then there were some fathers who had braved bringing their little ones without the mothers and, trust me, the duos seemed to be conspicuously happy in the absence of the mothers!!!!!

Then again, I saw encouraging and motivating fathers edging their kids to take on the wave runners by their horns, or brave the swimming pools, thus enhancing the confidence of their budding juniors.

Work hard and party hard might be the motto of this generation, but not before they ensured that their little ones were comfortably fed and settled into the world of dreams.

As the night grew on, it glowed with the warmth and affection of these fathers. VIVA LA FATHERS!!!

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