All’s fine in the King’s world…

So, Federer wins again. I was at a friend’s place when he lost the first set, and for one brief moment, a flicker of a doubt wormed it’s way in. 6-5 in the second set, 0-40 on the Baghdatis serve, and in the next minute, the match just turned on its head, as Federer suddenly remembered that he could volley too, and didn’t have to mix it from the baseline, with the cool dude from Cyprus. As simple as that. What can you say about a man for whom all adjectives have been extinguished?

On the other hand, I have to agree with what Wilander had to say about the competetion being served up. “Can you imagine McEnroe, Connors or Becker not getting into his head?”. No Sir, I can’t. And that’s the problem with the current lot. Barring Hewitt and Nadal, everyone’s just way too nice. Respectful, even. Unfortunately, Hewitt just falls short of the necessary ammunition, despite his much improved serve.

Only two guys out there who can take it to Federer. Nadal and Safin. There’s Nalbandian too, but till he improves his serve (Speaking of serves, what in heavens has gone wrong with Coria’s serve!), I don’t give him too much of a chance. There’s Ljubicic too, but I think he’s still not quite mentally ready yet. And as far as Nadal and Safin go, only Safin can take it to Federer, when Federer is at his very best. And as we all know, a fit Safin is something close to an oxymoron. That leaves the king of clay, Nadal. I am inclined to think after the great highs of the previous year (which I am proud to say, I had predicted in 2004), he is due for a fall.

So where does that leave us? Nowhere in particular, I am afraid. 🙂 There is one way though, and that is, a dip in Federer’s standards. To a degree, I think that’s already happened. He makes a touch too many unforced errors and his serve has lost some of it’s earlier potency. The scary thing is he still wins!!

Well, I am not too distressed. While I like competition, I like perfection even more. Viva Federer.


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  1. Vive la Federer.

    Congrats to Mahesh Bhupathi too. 10 grand slam titles is indeed an achievement to be proud of.

    Too bad Leander could not pull it off in the mens doubles…


    • Quite so. 10 slams is quite something! The men’s doubles final was a real cracker. Best doubles match I have seen in quite a while. Such a pity Leander/Damm couldn’t put it across.

    • what is it with men and egos? bhupathi and paes played in the doubles in our last davis cup outing. if only they’d persist in playing with instead of against each other more often! for me the most riveting match of the australian open was baghdatis’ semi final against nalbandian. after i thought i’d seen it all the rains poured in with baghdatis needing three more points for the win! the roof was open just the bit to allow half the court to get soaked. hoo boy, i bit my nails to the quick. i really really rooted for baghdatis to win against federer but i guess, the man is a bloody machine.

      • Yeah, rather a pity they don’t play together. Women and egos are worse though! 🙂 Drat, I can’t come up with an example!!

        Yeah, the baghdatis-nalbandian was a pretty good match. Me preferred the Baghdatis-Ljubicic one though. I thought the quality of that match was better.

  2. So, you ready to start playing some serious tennis from this weekend 😉 Keep those double faults down, and the game shall be yours 😉

  3. happy married life


    Congrats … you just got married a few hours ago …..let me be the first to wish the bird on the wire.
    all the very best for a wonderful future with your wife.

    take care

  4. Hopefully, we shall see birdS on the wire?
    Wish you a happy married life, arun.


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