…On a whim, I picked up Ilayaraja’s recreation of Thiruvasagam, from Planet M yesterday. Listening to it right now, even as I lookup the National Rural Employee Guarantee Scheme on the Net. Need to figure out how my company can make money out of NREGS. Just kiddng.

Getting back to Thiruvasagam, it is quite brilliant. I am glad I picked it up. Apparently, it is the first Indian Oratorio. Performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Lazlo Kovacs. A couple of other big names in the musical collaboration.

I almost picked up “How To Name It”, but decided to postpone it for another day. I have a fond memory or two of How to Name it, courtesy my 2nd yr roomie from College. He kind of initiated me to tamil film music, Ilayaraja in particular.

I guess, the only grouse I have about the recreation is that somehow the devotional spirit of the hymns has dissipated a bit. But to be fair, I guess I will have to give it another hearing before coming to a conclusion on that. Devotion is such a mood thing after all. Venkatesa Suprabatham gives me goosepimples when I hear it in the morning. Leaves me cold when I hear it most other times of the day. Besides, I haven’t actually heard any of the Thiruvasagam hymns before. Still, I imagine, it must certainly be more devotional, in it’s uncluttered form.

After all that’s the thing with all learning and experiences that involve the soul, the spirit, whatever you wish to call it. Simplicity, a certain nakedness devoid of all trimmings, a self-aware casting off of the self is the essence of all such experiences.

Besides, how can I even feel that way when I am working on a post while listening to it. 🙂


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  1. Polla Vinayen from that CD gives me those goose-pimples. Especially that phrase where there is a continuous tonic shift — “Kallai, Mirugamai, Poovaai, Manitharaai, Vallasuraraagi… Munivaraai, Devaraai”, etc.,. That very few seconds of the recitation gives me the goose pimples. There is an amazing ‘flow of energy’ (whatever you call it). I think the rest of the tracks were mostly ‘non impacting’ for me. YMMV.

  2. Actually, I didn’t like the CD da.. Thought it sounded too much like Christian gospel music than Hindu devotional 🙂

    • You know best, dude. Music and me? 😉

      Like I said, I didn’t think it sounded too devotional either. But christian gospel? Hmmm…I don’t think it sounded so much like that. Probably if I give it a couple of more hearings, I will know better.

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