V tells me his wife calls me the “matlab” guy. Apparently, I use matlab a lot. I am also the “romba hindi guy”. She thinks I speak too much Hindi for a tamilian. Ha, Ha. People remember people in such funny ways. 🙂

No, that was not MAT LAB 😉


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  1. No, that was not MAT LAB 😉

    Heh. I only read your “matlab” as MAT LAB ;). Maybe to make the ‘pronunciation’ (as a tamil speaking guy) clearer, you should write it as ‘mathlab’ 😉

  2. I thought the same thing – you speak too much hindi for a tamilian 🙂

    Good that you do though – it makes my life a little easier when I write to you 🙂

  3. What is the probability that the ‘V’ here is not Venkat or Vishwanath? 😉

    • For once, no! It is even more “tam”, if I could call it that! Madurai types. Any guesses? 😉

      • …Something that starts with a ‘Vel’? (Velmurugan? Veluchami?)
        or Something that is the name of some politically influential leader? (Veeramani?) (that is typical of so many madurai names. I know several people who are named ‘Bose’).

      • Holy cow! Brilliant! Where are your feet dude? 🙂

        Velan, it is. Thanigaivelan, actually.

      • 🙂

        Because 50% of my genes lived in Madurai before it came to me… ;)

      • Ah, that explains it! 🙂 Interesting what you say about political names in Madurai. I wasn’t aware of that. I imagine most of those names are probably also more the “revolutionary types”.

      • Yeah, “revolutionary types” is more like it. I know some “veeramani”s but not too many “Karunanidhi”s or “Ramachandran”s.

  4. Something orthogonal totally to whats here… Have you ever felt totally fooled after taking an interview? Like, you took an interview and you thought that hte person was bright, you chose him, and he joins your company /team /whatever and then you feel you’ve picked up a real duffer???

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