Good stuff…

S. Anand has been putting up a few very interesting write-ups, these days. Here are a few, that I think, might be up the alley of a few of the readers of this journal 🙂

Excel Tips

ATM Breakeven
Free Market lessons from Prepaid cards
Restricting Free Markets? Ha Ha Ha

Something to chew on, this manic monday.

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  1. very enlightening..esp. the one on prepaid cards..

  2. Some more food…for thought only

    Nice way to kick start the week….some thoughtful reading. Glad you un-deleted your blog 😉

    Some thoughts:
    1) ATM breakeven – I am not sure the amount per transaction of cash withdrawal would matter as much as the number of transactions. Because for any amount of cash withdrawal the fixed cost incurred would be the same. Like whether you withdraw 3600 or 1800…you will need as much office space and as much or more staff.
    2) Restricting free markets – I was thinking about the Monopolistic and Restrictive trade practices Act – Why was it repealed? Isn’t it more important in the age of retail? Like for instance – only an Airtel subscriber can sms an answer at KBC. Isnt that restrictive?


    • Re: Some more food…for thought only

      Regarding ATM breakeven — you’re right. The size of cash withdrawal doesn’t matter. Our assumption was, people need the same amount of money every month, whether or not they use the ATM. So if they withdraw LESS per visit to the ATM, they will visit MORE OFTEN, hence consuming the office space and staff time more. Therefore, a single ATM transaction won’t equal a single branch visit.


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