Profound observation of the day…

Life is either unfailingly challenging or constantly amusing when you are an anachronism. Simple choice, eh?

Rang De Basanti is pretty good. Among Rahman’s better efforts in the last 2 years, methinks, though there’s a touch of “inspired” hangover about it too. Rubaaroo sounds like a cross between Ali Haider’s Purani Jeans and Shaan’s Tanha Dil with a heavier musical arrangement. More Purani Jeans, less Tanha Dil. Then there’s this other number which is like a cross between Mehndi Hai Rachnewali and Pyaara sa Gaon From Zubeida. There’s one other number which is like a ‘Didi’ and Middle Eastern fusion. All said and done, excellent fare. The title track is most excellent. I think I shall get the cassette/CD (She tells me ‘I will’ bolo. I say, I shall. I like the word shall, though I don’t know why).

A colleague discovered a music site that’s not been blocked by the blessed firewalls. So, after a long time, I got to hear taazaa music when it is still taazaa.

On one hand, the prospect of a 25 km daily commute in Bangalore’s traffic terrifies me. On the other hand,….

I think I will work late today. But this place is rather depressing at night. Maybe I shall reevaluate at 7.

They say that in the Army the food is mighty fine
You ask for chicken biryani, they cut your intestine

They say that in the Army, the life is mighty fine
You pass by forty seven, and die by Forty nine.

Sing it aloud, ok. Blah, Blah, Blah…

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  1. music to the ears.

    I shall give the movie songs a try then… luckily, sites like musicindiaonline and raaga are not blocked in office for us and so, live streaming music is a good friend during strenuous office hours. If you like Aparna Sen’s movies, give 15, Park Avenue a try, to see Konkona act, if not for anything else.


    • Re: music to the ears.

      Cool. Oh, you lucky investment bankers! 🙂

      I just read your review of the movie. 🙂 I have been meaning to watch it too. Maybe this weekend.

      • Re: music to the ears.

        Go for it, but don’t know whether you’ll like it… I liked it in parts, but the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts…

  2. you an anachronism? what age would you be inhabiting sir knight?

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