…I almost suffocated.


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  1. *thbt* welcome back 🙂

  2. Welcome back! Happy New Year!

    • Thank you sir!! And they say, cigerrate smoking is injurious to health. 🙂

      A very happy 2006 to you too. I lost my sim and your number. Can you mail me at arun dot anantharaman at gmail? Would very much like a copy of those asterix-es.

  3. hahahaha! ‘talk like you write’ indeed. me-mum-in-law retired as a prof of sanskrit and gosh what trouble it is keeping up with her ‘kalisht’ hindi. she talks just like she writes. pedantic. hee hee.

    was just gonna mail ya when i saw that you were back in business at LJ. good to have ya back.

  4. Hello and a question…

    Hello Arun,

    Reached your blog through some related links… needless to say, it’s captivating.

    A question: Probably you had mentioned Prof. Huggy Rao once and now mention campus. I am an alumnus of ISB, Indian School of Business… any chance you come from the same part of the world?


    • Re: Hello and a question…

      Am addign you on my Friends list if that’s okay with you…. Cheers, Santanu.

      • Re: Hello and a question…

        Thanks Santanu. Yeps, am an alumnus of ISB too. 2003. Don’t remember when I mentioned Huggy, must have been a fair while back I suppose. One of my fav profs.

        Which batch are you? Great to see a few more ISBians on LJ. Most people seem to be on Blogger. God knows why! 🙂

      • Re: Hello and a question…

        Small world as the say!:) I am from the 2004 batch and am the usual engineer techie, but who moved to Fin post ISB… am joining Lehman Brothers in Bombay mid-Jan… Good to meet you online and shall follow your blog from now on…:)


      • Re: Hello and a question…

        Small world indeed!

      • Re: Hello and a question…

        Hey there Kanishka!

        It’s really great to find you here in LJ! Though have been here for some time, have just started adding a few friends. Inevitably, will add you now… Btw: am landing in Bombay for good on 15th Jan… hope to meet up some time.


      • Re: Hello and a question…

        Cool! Yet another engineer traitor, eh 😉 Just kidding!

        See you around.

  5. Hello Arun. Happy New Year. Timed your sabbatical well…??? A week before and after the New year day… :). A belated Happy Birthday too.

  6. He lives! He lives!

  7. Hey babe… nice to see you back. Like an old friend’s grave being dug up to find he’s still alive 🙂

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