Polyphonic night…

Having lapsed
into an insouciance, set down
by frayed nerves unwinding,
on an old teak double bed
that rests amputated
from a crystalline night sky,
by a hideous golden roof,
two floors and a dozen beams,
my consciousness strains
to breach the flowing silence,
and devours
running feet on a marble floor,
the infrasonic hum of an ancient wall lamp,
the fading growl of a tired generator
twump of an empty wooden vessel,
the imagined whir of an antivirus scan;
every little beautiful sound
that went unregistered
in the effortless deafness
of a brisk routine.
For the next few days, everything I hear will be music.

Adagio. Contrapuntal. Fugue. Allegro. Movement. So many words I have come to know. So many words I will never really know.


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  1. aap toh ekdum mood mein aa gaye – just kidding – very nice words! nice to feel ur ‘happiness’ spilling πŸ™‚

  2. For the next few days, everything I hear will be music.

  3. hey, good to see that you didn’t take the six month sabbatical. i took a two week break to go meet family at delhi and the break stretched to four weeks with a wedding thrown in for good measure. wow, good fun ’twas! i danced my feet off. ah, then again sonata no 14 ‘moonlight’ is a fave of mine too. i think piano and i think bach. do you enjoy bach?

    • Cool. That’s a nice long vacation! I am so looking forward to one like that! πŸ™‚

      I enjoy Western Classical. My knowledge of it is too limited to differentiate between a Bach and a Mozart. πŸ™‚ And the few Bach pieces I have heard have been mostly Violins.

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