This is not…

…as easy as I thought. But the break shall sustain…Just got back to dump two more poems. Well, kind of 😉


Someone coughs
while you strain to hold
to this concentrated silence,
and the moment breaks,

like ten still life pieces
glued together,
into the shapeless wonder
of a million dollar modern painting

so loud and kitsch
you can scarcely conceive
this valueless reunion (of what),
in its disintegrated absence, held you

like a pistol to your head
so firm and silent,
that your mind
walked into a hair-rising vacuum.

Someone coughs.

For A Simple World

I take from this solitude
the strength to dream
of a happier place, somewhere,
up in the hills, maybe,
where men work for their soul
and live the smells of their lands,
even if, harsh it may be. Where

mounting pennies
do not define the progress in their lives,
and in their work they are not
so far removed from the face of the man
they serve, that while they act
of their own volition, the drama itself
is a vague, formless abstraction
forefeited of all self-awareness.

I take from this solitude
the strength to dream
of a smaller world and an easier life
defined by the smallness of our ambitions,
and the largeness of our hearts,
where we change our worlds
in small increments, not trading
our worlds for others, less kind,
and unknown to even ourselves.

And such…Sania Mirza, I must say, is a very well-spoken young woman. Most sensible.


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