Observation of the day…

People have this depressing habit of convincing themselves to believe whatever suits them.


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  1. why

    why is depressing?

  2. Yep.
    In comp science terms, “Referential integrity is the only kind of integrity you can expect”. (Referential integrity here being the concept in databases which prevents inconsistent data).

    The ego introduces concepts necessary to feel OK despite whatever abominations it has perpetrated.

  3. Haha. If they don’t do that they wouldn’t be able to live, you see!

  4. hey arun

    was looking for interesting blogs to read..didnt find any..they were all boring so i googled your blog out…the search paid off.. i got to read some very nice poetry and finally found a blog that makes an interesting read…figured theres very little i know about my own cousin..didnt know you like one hundred years…one of my fav. books too…have you read ‘immortality’ by milan kundera? also a very nice book..
    anyway, i’m kind of relaxed now because my project’s over..i am sitting and documenting my process.. has to be submitted to college..
    then will head to b’lore soon…so hope to catch you there…where are you now, by the way? meerut or b’lore?
    i am planning to by a G4 powerbook and heard that b’lore is a good place to get it from..so maybe you can assist me in figuring that out when i get there..
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