A sonnet commits suicide…or was it murdered?

He awoke one day and found
he had run out of words to say,
and no matter where he sought,
and however hard he hollered
not a trace could he find
and not a pipsqueak did he hear,
and in that dire state he ran
into an ancient and mighty banyan,

and later, when they found him
they slapped – this cheek first,
and then the other;
but no matter however hard
they slapped, or kissed (for that matter),
he had run out of words to say.

Betcha that made you smile! ;-p

The weather’s changed here, and brought along with it the usual winter ailments. A bad cold, a sore throat, a mild fever, and a general lethargy. Colpol, Erythromycin, ginger chai and salt water gargling have all been tried with little effect. Maybe a good night’s sleep will do the trick.

Have also considerably beefed up my winter wear – a new sweater and a tracksuit that was once a rhino’s hide have been added to my wardrobe. All that remains is a monkey cap. Maybe, Sabyasachi can consider me as his model for his next winter collection.

Diwali’s over, but the bloody loudspeakers are still screaming away. No, wait, now there’s an announcement – that’s all i think. Ah heavens, thank you God, for listening to my prayers. Hmm…no. 😦

G’nite world. And I will leave you with the worst pick up line ever. This was told to me by another LJer, who I shall leave unnamed.

What/who winks, pretends to be ignorant and is great in bed?

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  1. πŸ™‚
    i dig that pick up line. hahaha.

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