So I am at the Delhi airport and feeling a touch stupid. I had this open ticket to Blr that had been issued to me earlier. Costs 12500 bucks or something. Since it was an open ticket, no discounted fare. But then someone at the Wipro Delhi office tells me earlier in the afternoon that there are these discounted tickets that one can sometimes get at the last minute. Turned out today was one of those days. The travel desk chap tells me I could get my open ticket cancelled and get a discounted ticket issued instead once I reach the airport.

So, i reach the airport a little while ago. And try doing exactly that. Turns out I have to cancel the open ticket and buy a new one. The discounted fare at that moment – Rs 3500. I wonder if I should do it, think for 2 minutes and then say ok. Then the lady at the counter checks up and says, sorry boss, you can’t do it, ‘cos it’s already booked. And you have to cancel at least 1 hr in advance. I am mighty pissed, ‘cos my flight’s supposed to be in the air right now, but it’s been delayed to 5:15, as it is. I point that out to her saying “look it’s only 3:45 now. I got here late ‘cos you sent me an sms saying flight was delayed.” She refuses to listen, says I got to meet the duty manager. Now I am totally pissed, and I say, Fine then, I will meet the duty manager. All fired up, I meet the duty manager. We have a polite discussion, and surprisingly, he agrees that I am in the right. Head back to the counter. Cancel the ticket, and decide to buy the new one. In the ten minutes that passed, the cost has shot up another 2k..So it’s now 5500 instead of 3500. Pissing off again. Still, better than 12,500. So, I buy it anyway.

Pleased with myself, I check in. And am trying to figure out my frequent flier miles. Turns out discounted fare tickets have zero miles!!! 😦 😦 Bloody hell.

In sum –

1. I save Wipro 7000 bucks.
2. I pay out of my own pocket (reimbursable later of course)

3. I don’t clock any frequent flier miles.

Ayyo, me and my stupid sense of thrift. Next time, just take the friggin ticket and fly.

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  1. Heh. Interesting episode.

    I’m almost always wary of anything that’d have me sell/cancel something I already have for a shot at a better deal. As I was reading, I was sure you’d wind up cancelling the first ticket and not being able to buy another one. Glad that worked out, at least.

  2. incredibly i’ve been in much the same situation and came out smelling roses. saved a pretty penny too 😉 i’m a great one for short cuts while driving/ sales/ discounts/ haggling and can’t let a chance at being thrifty pass me by. hahaha. told ya, we were twin souls.

    enjoy your trip to blr!

  3. lol at that 🙂

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