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Rituparno Ghosh makes such pretentious, crappy movies. Last weekend, I picked up Choker Bali from the Video rental library. Managed to see half the movie before I gave up. Yesterday, I tried watching Raincoat. Watched for about 40 minutes before I gave up. I don’t know why the heck he is so highly rated. Crappy dialogues, bloody artificial scenes, and worst of all, Aishwarya Rai. One filmmaker I am going to stay away from, for sure. For a while, he even reminded me of this G Aravindan movie I saw a long long time ago, which is like my benchmark for “pits”. Long time ago. But I remember that I watched for 20 minutes before the first dialogue was spoken. The movie started with this plane landing and that went on for 10 minutes. Then these bunch of phoren log get off the plane and meet this kid in the airport. He was their guide, I think. Not too sure. That went on for 5 minutes. Then all of them together went to the beach. They stare at the waves for another 5 minutes. And then this chick says to the kid, “Unni, what is your name?” Hmmm.. Maybe, she said, Unni something else. Whatever. Friggin award winning movie, apparently.

Strange thing about Meerut is the DVD library only stocks original DVDs. The chap’s stopped buying VCDs, ‘cos apparently, nobody watches VCDs these days. By God, I wish that bozo in Bilekahali knew that. Unfortunately, my laptop only has a VCD drive, so I find myself restricted to these 40 Hindi VCDs that remain in his collection. I haven’t been able to see too many movies – I have actually been busy, strange as that sounds, but I think I am now done with all the good ones in his collection. All that remain are Murder, Jurm, Aitraaz, Rog, …and you get the picture.

Two options when I get back after the Blr break. Either I descend to that level, or I get myself a new laptop. Very difficult choice, that.

4 keys in my laptop have gone kaput. Imagine working for 2 whole weeks without the “Home”, “Page Down”, “Right Arrow” and “Backspace” keys. If you wanted to pick 4 keys you would never want to lose in your laptop when your work is centred around MS Word and Rational Rose (stupid bloody tool, btw), these would be it. And 2 whole bloody weeks, I have managed. I should receive the President’s medal or something for this. I had to buy an external mouse though. On top of that the bloody voltage fluctuates so much here, my power cord has burnt three times. Yesterday, the adaptor’s output went kaput. Thought that was the end of it, but the repair guy changed the Mosfet or something like that, and got it working.

Right now, my life and my laptop are having a major argument about which of them is more screwed up. I am fair, so I will give both a fair hearing.


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  1. Right now, my life and my laptop are having a major argument about which of them is more screwed up. I am fair, so I will give both a fair hearing.

    For a fleeting moment, i read my life as my wife!
    Now that makes for some interesting reading!

  2. Great post! Couldn’t agree more about Raincoat.

  3. Other than buying a mouse there are these very thin keyboards, also called as foldable keyboards that are coming out recently. I am not exactly sure, but if more of my keyboard keys go kaput, i plan to replace my keypad with that one.Though looks ugly, should do a better job than a mouse.

    Also, if you know how to get those keys replaced, let me know. Since i am also looking for a way out.The worst part is that the keyboard is not covered in the warrenty.

    • Oh, didn’t know about those foldable keyboards. Let me see if I can find that somewhere. Thanks for the pointer.

      Oh, i just replace the whole keypad. Usually, it’s not possible to repair the individual keys. And my company takes care of that. Not spending out of my own poocket. πŸ™‚ Couldn’t do it earlier, ‘cos it takes 2-3 days to get a replacement keypad in meerut.

    • they aren’t good.

      Bought a couple of these.

      Look great, and are coffee+food+everything proof, but they don’t work too well.
      Not very responsive to fast typing.

  4. that’s a bloody good post..hehe

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