Does anyone know…

…Why aren’t hybrid cars being introduced in India? Is it the cost/not made for indian roads/cannot be manufactured here yet?

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  1. One word: Batteries. The technology is simple, but the hurdle is in the battery technology. FYI, Toyota has a hybrid in the works for the Indian market. Whispers in the industry indicate a price range between 1 and 2 lakhs.

    • Between 1 and 2 lakhs? Isn’t that rather low, given Toyota Hybrids (Prius?) are relatively high priced cars in the US?

    • Aaha. But the battery technology is there already, right? I mean, what’s stopping the current hybrids from being launched here? As in, is there something about the Prius that makes it unsuitable for India?

      A hybrid in the works sounds good! But, like jace says, 1-2 lakhs seems unbelievably low. Even the Tata 1 lakh car seems far from ready.

      • 1. It is too expensive to import them, sp. with the current breaks they get if they build/asemble in India
        2. Demand is a big question. Perhaps they are not convinced that there is a big market?
        In spite of these issues, i suspect Honda and Toyota will enter the market next year. I’ll buy a hybrid without batting an eyelid.

      • Yeah, import is out of the question. Was just wondering why nobody has started building here yet. I think that’s rather strange. If the price is right, I think there’s a huge demand. I sure hope they don’t think that the market doesn’t exist!! 🙂

        Like you say, I would buy one too without batting an eyelid. It’s got to be far superior to the Reva though.


      • I’d buy too, unless it looks like a Reva (toy car).

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