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LJ Interests meme results

  1. creative people:
    I like being around creative people. They inspire me, provide a different perspective to things, help recharge my batteries and foster my own creativity. Generally, they tend to be good fun to hang out with as well.
  2. e.f. schumacher:
    I adore his book “Small is Beautiful”. His ideas and writings have been a big influence on my personal philosophy. Idealistic and practical in equal measure.
  3. good writers:
    I enjoy the English language. Few things are more satisfying than a well-written passage. My taste in writers has changed over time. Right now, my favourite writers are those who can paint a distinctive picture of even commonplace things, and those who stretch my imagination. Usually, what I write and how I write is influenced to at least some degree by what I read in the immediate past.
  4. india:
    Warts and all, love this land. Family, friends, arts, religion, philosophy. So much potential, so much pain. Country on the move. Right place, right time, if you want to rise above yourself.
  5. interesting people:
    People who make me think, develop new interests,reloook and revise my own beliefs. Creative sorts, philosophical sorts, intellectual sorts. And importantly, nice people.
  6. love:
    Trite as it seems, happiness really does lie in how much of it you can pass around.
  7. mp3s:
    Sometimes I wonder what sort of person I would have been if not for napster, audiogalaxy and kazaa. Life-changing.
  8. old hindi songs:
    Melody. An indescribable lightness of being. Uplifting.
  9. poetry:
    So much in so little. Sometimes essential. Sometimes escapist. Vikram Seth. One of those ambitions. Some day, I will be a published poet, I hope.
  10. short stories:
    Enjoy writing short stories. Wish I could write more often. Come to think of it, not really, that much of an interest. šŸ™‚

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  1. i see you like to collect creative people/ interesting people šŸ™‚ of late, i’m beginning to think that the creativity/ interest i see in people are endowed by my perception alone. some of the most creative/ interesting people leave me cold while the most unassuming people inspire me with their unsung songs… what says you???

    i like what you say about poetry! hmmm…

    • collect creative people/interesting people?

      lol šŸ™‚ Far from it. I know like a total of 3-4 of that sort! Just that I enjoy their company whenever I do meet/chat up.

      You are probably right about oneself endowing the “interesting” in someone else. I find quite a few unassuming people quite interesting too. Unassuming folks are a special breed. šŸ™‚ Can’t quite agree about the creative bit though. A creative person in my book is reasonably well-defined. šŸ™‚

      But, to me creative is not equivalent to interesting. I like both sorts. But like I said, most of all, they gotta be nice. An interesting pig-headed bore is sometimes a pain in all the wrong places šŸ™‚

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