Nothing like….

….Irish music to put me in a good mood 🙂

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  1. ooh, i grew up listening to irish folk music. beautiful beautiful songs. haven’t heard them in years though. any recommendations?

    • not the drinking variety though! 🙂

    • In recent times, Lunasa, I am told, are tops. Just heard a couple of their songs. Most excellent. The Chieftains, old Irish band – very well respected again. Have just heard one or two of their numbers though.

      There used to be this group called Gaelic Storm, who were quite popular a few years ago. They performed the Irish number in Titanic. I like quite a few of their songs. “She was the prize”, “New York Girls” are two that come to mind. Must say, many people don’t consider them authentic Irish, but I like their numbers anyway.

      Loreena Mckennitt – usually classified under Celtic, though many of her songs have strong arabic/middle eastern influences. I totally totally love her music.

      Any recommendations of your own?

      • ah, twin soul- heard the brobdingnagian bards? loreena mckennit is a big fave but enya leaves me hot and cold in equal measure. dubliners, corries, corrs, u2, altan, clannad, tannahill weavers…

        i am in a tizzy because i cannot remember anything of the name/ artists of that one album that i grew up with. just random snatches of lyrics 😦 most vexing.

      • ah…thanks!! some new names there. Kazaa, here I come. 🙂 Wouldn’t really call U2 & Corrs, propah Irish music though. Certainly not U2 🙂

        If you remember the album, do drop in a note 🙂

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