The Ashes…

…For the first time ever, I have found myself caught up in all the hype around the Ashes. And for once, it’s been fully worth the hype. Barring the first test, all the others have been magnificient.

“Greatest Test Series ever”, scream the English dailies. Maybe, maybe not. For me, it certainly has been the best test series I have seen.

The greatest test ever, that will always be India’s win over Australia in the second test of the 2001 series. The importance of the match, the fact that we won following-on, and Laxman’s 281, not to mention Dravid’s 180, nah, nothing comes close to that match.

But as good as that series was, I think I will have to rate this Ashes a notch above that one. For one, it’s over 5 tests, and 4 of the 5 tests have been of the highest quality, and as gripping as test matches can get anywhere anytime. Standout performances from Flintoff, Warne and Simon Jones. Most of all, though, the sheer joy and the spirit of the English team, Flintoff in particular, has shone through.

It’s not over yet. And while I hope it doesn’t rain, I sure hope England wins the series. As much as I admire Australia’s resilience despite being completely outperformed, England deserves the series win.

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