Tough Learning…

Tough Learning.

Wonderful article on how to learn. Worth reading. Courtesy, S. Anand


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  1. Loved the article – thanks for sharing.. It’s come at the right time too when things aren’t going too well in the PhD, it’s funny if I read this a couple of years it prob wouldn’t have had that much of an impact – guess your perceptions are really influenced by your state of mind.. Sorry for rambling, it just really hit home..

    • You are welcome. Glad you enjoyed reading it. Funnily, i said almost exactly the same thing in Anand’s blog. It came at the right time for me too.

      And hope it helps with the Ph.D in some way 🙂

  2. It’s a beautiful article..thanks for sharing this, I believe it might hit home with anyone, particularly because the ideas discussed are very general:)

  3. u should definitely find aaj jaane ki zid. i found some really good sites at the height of my ghalib mania, will look them up, if you like. there are some pak ghazal discussion forums. look around you find plenty. I’ll dig into my old stores and see what I can come up with, as well. you could also check with Austere. she does translations.

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