Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

If there is only one movie you want to watch this year, let this be it. After a long time, a movie made me cry.

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  1. yes it did. i have never seen someone narrating the story like mishra did. his respect and trust towards the viewer’s imagination was too much. he didn’t try to feed details. he lets us deduce a lot of things.

    i thought vikram’s character was outstanding. although seems like a supporting character in the plot, shiny ahuja didn’t make me feel that way. last scene where he is beaten up by shukla, the policemen, i imagined myself as vikram and i would i have died half my death by that questioning the thought, ‘why are you beatin me up?’

    i like the title design too. the way the titles are presented on the screen as part of a newspaper layout highlighted.

    the music again questions like the movie title! it dwells into us to pull out answers.

    • yeah, just about everything was very very nicely done.

      I thought Shiney Ahuja was brilliant. In fact, all three of them were brilliant. And truly, in some frames, Chitrangada Singh looks uncannily like Smita Patil.

  2. OMG, you guys sure pitch it in strong. we ARE talking of a hindi movie, na? this i’ve gotta go see.

  3. what happened to the hinduism? was looking fwd to the next episode 😦

    Ricercar / Prero.

  4. Not related but do check this out:


  5. Really enjoyed the music but have not watched the movie. With a second high rating guess it’s high time I watch it.

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