A laugh and a question!!

Oh boy, what a joke. I have been trading comments on one of my previous posts thinking that the person was X, whereas it was actually Y!! Confusions of India, as they say. šŸ™‚

And a question: Can someone recommend good Web Conferencing software? Commercial stuff that’s deployed in India, that is. And are easy to use. Much appreciate a quick response.

I have been reading up a fair bit, there seem to be various options available. There are the “hosted solutions” like WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting etc. Those run off the Internet. Then there are those where you install the “server software” on the Intranet, and you don’t have to be on the Internet to use those. Stuff like Microsoft’s Live Communication Server (never heard of it before today!!). Then you have peer-to-peer stuff like NetMeeting. And then, all these messaging software(yahoo, msn, jabber, blah, blah) which seem to keep adding stuff and look like they may finish web conferencing software as a separate category.

Everything looks similar, and everything looks different. I am confused now.


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  1. hey, if u can give me details of the organization/setup u r looking at (location data, centralized/decentralized, PC count, etc), i can get you in touch with a relevant sales guy from MS.

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