A bunch of thoughts loosely coupled…

So, today my company has done away with Pension and replaced it with a “Cash Allowance”. Freedom to invest on your own, is the official line.

They say Money is a store of value. Good joke.

The idea of a Gift Economy (think “NGO”, think “your donation to CRY”, think “your endowment to your village school”) is fascinating. Where the State fails, only a strong Gift Economy can maintain societal stability. Conversely, the State seems to use the existence of a thriving Gift Economy to justify it’s failure. Unfortunately, the Gift Economy can never replace a Strong State, and therein lies the rub.

Somewhat related. Anarcho-Capitalism is bull. Seems to me most anarcho capitalists are either agnostic or atheistic, but funnily, I think only a truly religious society can even aspire to anarcho capitalism. 😉

Sorry, if these little ruminations don’t seem to make too much sense. Just using this blog in an attempt to put things together in my head.


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  1. “but funnily, I think only a truly religious society can even aspire to anarcho capitalism. 😉 “

    wouldnt a truly religious society-led capitalism be non-anarchical, by its very nature?

    • Would appear so. But from what I understand from wikipedia, there are characteristics of anarcho-capitalism, that methinks nicely fit in with a truly religious society. for e.g., “voluntary action”, “non-reliance on the state”, “the total rejection of violence”. Of course, there are other aspects that don’t fit in.

      I think it is crap anyway. All I was trying to say was, if at all it could work, that society would have to be truly religious to make it work. In the absence of that, it will degenerate.

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