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Yesterday, my cousin A gifted me a stamp book, “Stamps of The People’s Republic of China”. Beautiful collection of stamps. The one in this picture is from this book.

This stamp shows the Avalokiteswara of a Thousand Hands. This carving is 7.7m high, 12.5m wide, and occupies an area of 88sq m of the wall. It’s 1,007 hands carved in realistic, exaggerated and symbolic styles are acclaimed as the acme of perfection in carving of hands

The Avalokiteswara is a Dazu Stone Carving located in Dazu County, Chongquing Municipality. The Dazu Stone Carvings is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Sites. There are over 50,000 stone statues at 80 sites in this County. The main part of the carvings are Buddhist Statues, the rest being Confucian and Taoist ones.

The stamp was so striking, I just had to make this post! I wonder if there’s a similar Stamp book of Indian Stamps available. I would like to lay my hands on that.


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  1. Ah! I miss this learning lately.

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