If she, but looked into his thought,
She would see an impulse fraught,
with a certain uncertain guilt for
those covered knees his eyes sought.

If she, but held his lecherous gaze
She would see his distorted face
Dreaming a scene from her nightmare
A picture of a headline, in a haze

If she, but put her shaken faith
In her brethren, whatever their faith
She would see them cluck in sympathy
And run to their train, lest they be late

Maybe she should slit his gutless throat
and leave by his side a warped note
“This man started this sordid story,
Now, like me, is just another anecdote”

The form of the Rubaiyat is a Persian poem structure known for its conciseness. Each stanza or “ruba’i” contains four lines with the rhyme scheme AABA and is a self-contained unit of thought. The first and second lines of each “ruba’i” present a statement of some sort; the third brings the statement to its zenith before the fourth sums up the central thought


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  1. wonderful! i didnt know … thought it was just the name of the books 🙂


    • I didn’t know either. 🙂 Found out yesterday while checking out a poetry site.

      Btw, just curious, what did you think this poem was about?

      • Sounds like a lecherous guy is making a girl feel uncomfortable by the lustful way he is looking her. But there is nothing much she can do about it because society has disintegrated to a level that nobody would care if she told them. So she just sits and stews wishing for a world where she could just go over and kill him for violating her with his thoughts.

        But it’s sorta oblique. Could mean just about anything I guess.

      • Right on. I was thinking of the Delhi rapes when I wrote it. So, the only difference was that, in my mind, she was a victim already. But I think, your perspective makes more sense if I were to read it independent of that original thought.

        The reason I had asked was, I was chatting with someone about it, and he thought it was about a girl who had her heart broken by a guy. I didn’t understand how the hell that interpretation came about!!

        But anyways…Hope things are going well.

  2. I liked the first, second and the fourth bits

  3. wow! 🙂
    i was thinking i should also try writing the rubaiyat style of poetry.

  4. very sensitive. Was reminded of the Mumbai train rape incident.

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