Of parking tickets and such…

Got my first ever parking ticket on Sunday. I didn’t even know such a thing existed in India! šŸ™‚

Had parked on Brigade road (on the less popular side of the Residency Road signal) behind a long line of cars. In fact almost all the slots had been taken, and I just about managed to find a wee bit of space to manoeuevre (damn, I can never get this spelling right!) my car into. Parking done, went to watch Sarkar with appa & amma. More on that later.

Got back to find the Parking ticket slapped on the windscreen. The damn ticket said I had pay a fine of Rs. 100 within a week’s time, or it would be passed on to the kacheri. Also the fineprint said, I could pay at one of 7 traffic police stations, one of which was the Adugodi one. That was on my way anyway. So stopped over there to pay the fine, and guess what, they wouldn’t accept it. The clerk there pointed to the seal (which was in Kannada) on the ticket and said that I would have to pay in the Ashok Nagar police station, which is close to Philomina hospital which is close to Johnson (Jenson?) market.

That wasn’t too far from the Adugodi station and we didn’t have anything much to do anyway, so decided to go there and pay it off. That, of course, is easier said than and done. Reached there to find nobody around to collect the fine. The Circle Inspector, I was told, was meant to be in the circle, but heck, couldn’t they keep a clerk there? Where do the clerks disappear when you need one? Half the bloody govt organizations have a surfeit of them who sit around and play cards post lunch (since they can’t play solitaire), and where you need one, they don’t have one.

Anyway, stuck around for 20 minutes or so, increasingly vexed, and finally ended up arguing with the guys in khaki. They said “we are law and order”. We can’t do much about “traffic”. That’s the job of the guys in white. Clearly demarcated lines and all that. And half of them insisted on talking only in Kannada, though they knew either Hindi or Tamil. Now, I can talk shop in kannada with a shopkeeper or a bus conductor (“maggi iddhiya?”, “erudu ticket jayanagar”), but arguing in kannada with a policeman isn’t really up my alley.

Anyway, that was that, and I decided to come later and pay the fine. Did that yesterday morning. Went off without much of a hitch. Apparently, that section of brigade road had turned no parking zone sometime recently. I wasn’t the only one slapped with the ticket apparently. Man, I am sick of these constant changes in one-ways, parking areas and all that.

And today morning, it took me 45 minutes to crawl a measly 100 yards on a lane leading to the Ring Road in BTM. One moron of a driver of a HCL Van goes on the wrong side of the lane when there’s a mini traffic jam already. God knows where people leave their brains when they drive.

Ok, back to RUP. Saayankaala enjoi maadi.

…Oh yeah, about Sarkar. Great movie. Awesome first half. The second is nice, but drags a places. Kay Kay (KK?) totally rocks. Amitabh is good. Abhishek is ok. Katrina is very pretty. Cell phone Mani is kind of funny, kind of irritating.

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  1. i thought abhishekh was awesome. rest was ok to bad šŸ™‚


  2. I too thought KK was the best part of the movie. Some of the scenes in which he had to portray his isolation (sans words) were awesome.

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