A press conference…

Yesterday, I happened to watch the joint press conference of Dr. Manmohan Singh and George Bush on TV. Brief speech followed by questions from the press. Bush intervened before the questions started, saying that they would take 2 questions each, the Indian correspondents could ask 2 questions to the PM, and the Americans could ask 2 to Bush. Two seemed one too few, but what followed was even worse.

Bush picks a guy in the American crowd, and the fellow asks something on the New York Times reporter scandal (apparently, courtesy a leak from the White House, she did a story that blew a CIA guy’s cover) in the US. Then the Indian reporter asks something about the talks to Dr. Singh. Next question to Bush from the American press, “What was his decision regarding the Supreme court judge appointment?” Or something like that.

WTF? I mean, here you have 2 leaders addressing a joint press conference, and all the US press can come up with are 2 questions that are completely irrelevant and unrelated to the talks. I mean, it’s almost like the Indian PM wasn’t even in the room. Appalling and rather insulting, really. The American press might be self-absorbed and all that, but heck, at least basic courtesy for the occasion is expected.

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  1. Maybe a bit unrelated but this reminds me of the time YSR came for an Animation seminar I had attended and spoke about how concerned his government is about farmers in AP πŸ˜›

  2. it was really sad! pathetic!

  3. The press is like that only! This is how it works – the reporter would have been doing some story (here, the supreme quote judgement) and his editor would have told him that his story won’t go in till he gets the Prez’s opinion or ‘quote’. So poor guy must have got this chance to get his ‘quote’ and meet his story target! Hehehehe

  4. putting that horse’s ass on the spot about karl rove and other skeletons he’s got in his cupboard are far more important than an artificial show of respect

  5. “World Series”


    Umm…And then there is the “World News” section of major newspapers from the U.S.

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