…A few days ago, I installed the Greasemonkey extension to Firefox. Did that ‘cos someone in LJ Nifty had posted about this script that he had created that would improve the handling of “long threads” in LJ. (“allows loading of nested comments in place” were the exact words used). Usually, I don’t bother with LJ Nifty but for some reason, I decided to check it out, probably because I didn’t quite understand what he meant.

Had to download Greasemonkey first, and then the script. Found it totally fascinating. I mean, once I had the Greasemonkey extension, and the script, I could actually changed the LJ comments layout. I knew it was javascript and all that, but didn’t quite understand how an independent script helped me change LJ’s comment layout. Still don’t get it fully. But that’s not the point.

Today, I got to this interesting article somewhat pompously titled Greasemonkey will blow up business models (as well as your mind).

I hadn’t thought of all those possibilites he discusses there. Not sure if it’s worth that much hype, but yeah, Greasemonkey is quite something. You will like it too.

Oh, as an aside, Sumit Dhar had pointed me to Outfoxed. I had installed that too, but haven’t got around to using it yet. It’s kind of cool too.


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  1. Hello! Had my dad over last weekend. Had a great time. ๐Ÿ™‚


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